A Rite of Mastery


Battlerite (pictured above) is a team based multiplayer action game, which focuses on 2v2 and 3v3 battles in small arenas. Like MOBAs and other multiplayer focused games, the difficulty comes from individual player’s skills and how they face off against each other and work together. But instead of talking about these person-to-person difficulty changes, a main concept of Battlerite is being able to use each character’s abilities successfully.

In Battlerite each character has a basic attack ability (M1) 5 special abilities (M2, Space, Q, E, and R) an ultimate ability (F) and two EX abilities (shift+specific ability key) in their arsenal. Being able to efficiently use each of these abilities determines how well you can perform and are in a way the difficulty bar that players must overcome.

Mastering a character that you want to play is the first difficulty hurdle, as recklessly picking a champion and expecting to immediately have success is a rookie mistake and can quickly turn into a Button Mashing scenario, where the player expects wonderful things to happen if every button is pressed. In Battlerite this is far from the fact and players must know optimal situations to use an ability and not be left helpless when an ability is on cooldown. Additionally understanding the best approach to dealing damage or assisting teammates in a given situation is fundamentally important. So after practicing and fully understanding the ins and outs of a specific character, one would think they are ready to get out into the arena and to start battling players right? Wrong.


While this would work if there was only one existing character, Battlerite contains a current roster of 17 characters, which will continue to expand, each with their own set of different abilities and strategies they use. And each person playing them will (more than likely) understand how to play them and to a basic level understand the best way to play them. This adds another level of difficulty to the game, in which not only do you have to understand the character you have chosen, it is equally important to understand the opposition’s characters. What is their primary role? Are they a support, melee, or ranged? Do they have gap-closers or escapes? What are their defensive abilities? What abilities do they have that I should be careful about avoiding?

Understanding the opposition is important but just as equally important is understanding your teammates’ champions. Understanding their own roles and what they want to do against your opponents so you can change your own strategy accordingly. All these are paramount for succeeding in Battlerite and define its difficulty for players. Even if you have superb mastery over the character you are playing and understand them to a T, this whole advantage disappears if you have no idea what your teammates and enemies can do.



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