MOBA Learning Curves

Over the past few years games such as League of Legends , Dota 2, and Heroes of the Storm have captured the gaming community the genre known as MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena).
In this particular genre, newcomers are not only challenged mechanically, but strategically as they are confronted with a giant roster of heroes.


In these MOBAs you are pit in a 5v5 showdown where you work together with your team to defeat the enemy and destroy their base. It’s a simple but effective setup. Controls are most similar to RTS (real-time strategy) games such as StarCraft 2. Once they get a feel for the controls though, they face a very large uphill battle as they take on the task to learn EVERY hero in the game.

To get better and ultimately win matches, players must learn each hero’s abilities, strengths, weaknesses, builds, counters, and more! This roster of heroes can range from 22 to League of Legend’s current 123 champions!

This leads to MOBAs having a notorious reputation about their learning curve and is something that draws so many players to the game. People like a challenge, and if the learning curve is steep enough players will find higher value in mastering the MOBA genre.

As a result of player’s investing so much time in mastering their certain game, they acquire a certain loyalty that can only be forged after hundreds of hours of late night ranked matches and killing sprees. Be wary of stepping into this genre of gaming, for I guarantee you’ll be sucked into hours of challenging gameplay.



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