Hello Games? More like Hollow Games


Without further ado, let us explore the finale of No Man’s Sky and how it all connects in conjunction.

A challenge, according to Merriam-dictionary, is a difficult task or problem: something that is hard to do. The key word here is “hard” folks. From these past two post, it should be clear that No Man’s Sky has a wonderfully built landscape and scenery, but ultimately a game still relies on its mechanics to be any good.

Simple Definition of challenge

  • : a difficult task or problem : something that is hard to do

Mechanics, above all else, most hold two ideology close to its heart. It must run smoothly and it must provide some form of a challenge otherwise a player’s attention will drift faster than the movie, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Without these pillars to uphold No Man’s Sky foundation, it wasn’t much of a surprise to me that after 2 weeks the game’s player base dropped by more than 80 percent. Hello Game studio’s failure ultimately does not just end there because its shortcomings go deeper than that. Perhaps it was simply too ambitious for its own shoes, or perhaps it was the fact that the developers made the game too friendly towards it audience. Wonky fighting mechanics both in space and on land, unchallenging artificial intelligence, copy-pasted landscape and alien creatures, meaningless resources, outdated resource gathering, and the unwillingness to let the players struggle makes No Man’s Sky one of the most unusual releases this year. It had promise, but it also made many promises it never kept. Disappointing does not even begin to describe how this game made its audience feel.



Don’t get me wrong readers. I was not expecting the world nor its distant cousin but at least I wanted to see some of these ambitions come to fruition. Chances are high a game like this would not have made its audience feel so frustrated if it had simply shown no potential at all. However, No Man’s Sky still has these moments that shine, where the player base can just catch a glimpse of what could be and it is so, so cruel to have to endure this disaster when the game could have soared higher than any predecessor before it.

I hope the best for Hello Game studios. I really do. While the title of this article may seem like a childish attempt at a jab at the studios, and you would be half right, it is more accurately my segway on to my next big game to talk about. Ten bucks if you can tell me which game has hollows in it and does player challenge very well, if not sometimes a little bit unforgiving.

In conclusion, No Man’s Sky is disappointing but there is really no one who suffers at the hands of its disappointment. Perhaps just an industry who has to watch on as its standards slowly degrade from its glory days. Mellow dramatic much, right? Until next time.

Signing off,




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