Balancing D&D

Hello all! It’s CoCo again, and I just came back from a grand adventure in the world of D&D. After some friends and I popped open a couple brewski’s and gathered our sets of dice we set our eyes on the grand tournament being held in town. After being beaten by a comrade in the tournament i decided to comment on D&D’s balancing system.

To all who are unfamiliar, Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop role-playing game where you and your friends get together and have a blast slaying monsters and telling great stories.

It is the epitome of nerd culture and is something I recommend to gamers of all ages who wish to step into an amazing world of fantasy and freedom.

With this freedom however there are many Core “Rules”. Dungeons & Dragons is currently in its 5th edition since its start in 1974 and and each time a new edition is released, so are textbook-thick rulebooks, handbooks, bestiary’s and other resources holding revisions and improvements to it’s complex battle systems. It’s a great example as to how game balancing is a constant process, and is never truly 100% achieved.

Currently the 5th edition is receiving a very appraisal due to its simplification of old rules into overarching guidelines that are easier to remember and keep the flow of battle going smoothly.
As a new Dungeon Master (person who runs the D&D sessions) I’ll be making a transition to 5e shortly after attempting to read through the confusing and ultra-specific rule sets of both 3.5e and Pathfinder.

Stay tuned in for more D&D posts!


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