Board Changer: Keeping You On Your Toes

So you’re playing a match-3 game like Puzzle & Dragons, and you get to the boss. The fight is going smoothly then- wait, what this? They’ve changed some of the orbs on the board!

Combat in PAD is based around the puzzle aspect of the game, where matching orbs is equivalent of attacking with your team. When a board change comes along, it can throw you off, for example the picture below.


Left: What you see after matching. Right: What you see after the enemy’s turn.

This particular boss not only changes your board, but also blinds you. Changing the board is a relatively cheap trick on the computer’s part (but not the cheapest, especially for PAD), but also keeps your players attentive, since you just messed up their plans. Lots of times, it’s not necessarily a big deal, but there are also orbs that hurt the player if matched. Example: Poison orbs. You’ll either need lots of health to take the hit or match up some heart orbs to counteract the effect.

A really easy way to throw a wrench into a player’s plan, board changing can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared and can even cause you to lose if you’re not prepared.


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