Taking Things One Turn At A Time

In the grand expanse of video game genres, ranging from fast paced action games, to more casual and soothing simulation games, there are games for just about every type of person out there. Whether you enjoy a thrilling challenge that pushes you to the edge of your seat, or a narrative focused calming experience. One thing for certain is that each of these games have its difficulty fine tuned and orchestrated to match its genre and tone, all the while attempting to deliver a fun and entertaining experience for the audience.


Narrowing the scope a little, I’ll be taking a detailed look at Turn-Based Strategy/Turn Based Tactics games and the overarching work that designers put through to craft a challenge for the players, as well as all the minute details into creating a challenge that requires players to formulate a plan before charging in. While there are a plethora of strategy games that come to mind with several different approaches to difficulty, I’ll be taking specific looks at the likes of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and its sequel XCOM 2, the Fire Emblem series, and Valkyria Chronicles.

fire-emblem-fates-shot-11 valkyria_chronicles_map

While all three can be described as Turn-Based Strategy, they are all stylistically different in terms of game mechanics, art style, and more importantly how they all approach creating a challenging experience for the player. I’ll be analyzing the three different approaches these games take over my next few posts. There’s a lot of interesting tricks and strategies designers employ and I’m looking forward to exploring them thoroughly.




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