Ambitious Dreams are Made in Space

Games are incredibility diverse and honestly very easy to make. The amount of thought behind rock-paper-scissors must surely require less mental capacity than say, solving the dynamic equations behind why the world loves cats. However, I will argue that just because game ideas are simple to come by the complexity, creativity, and depth a game showcases dictate whether or not it has the right to stand among the legends.

For the following weeks, or so, I will be analyzing the critically mixed reviewed video game, No Man’s Sky, by indie studio: Hello Games. This shiny new space simulation/exploring/combat/survival game hit the shelves with a dull thud. Join me in breaking down this game by why it fails to captivate its audience, why a well-balanced challenge is so necessary for a video game to succeed, and why the next Call of Duty has to bundle itself up with Modern Warfare 2: Remastered just so the cools kids will like it.


Before you go make sure to check out No Man’s Sky’s trailer from E3 2014, the home of shattered dreams, and spot the little details the studio seemed to imply would be in the final game. So that in the next post I can shoot down every one of them. With my space gun. Pew.

Signing off,



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